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Music & Dances in Bali

Balinese Dancers

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Music, dance and drama are all closely related in Bali, in fact drama and dance are synonymous. The most important thing about Balinese dances, however, is that they're fun and accessible. Balinese dances are not hard to find; there are dances virtually every night at all the tourist centers.

The Gamelan


Barong & Rangda

Kris Dance

In the Barong play, Bali's mythical guardian, Barong, battles Rangda, the demon - Queen. barong's supporters are a group of Balinese men with the natural ability to enter a trance state. They are armed with a kris ( traditional sword). Rangda insults Barong and taunts the men- enraged and in a trance they attack her! But her powers are so strong that they are knocked out. When they come to they are so distressed by their failure, that they try to impale themselves on their kris. But their trance state amazingly protects them from injury.



Ramayana Ballet


Barong Landung


Balinese Mask Dancers




Sanghyang (Fire Dance)


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